“[My husband and I] met with an instructor of the Creighton Model FertilityCare System…After reviewing the manual, having her explain the charting process and watching a short film explaining the importance of hormone balance during a woman’s cycle, we were amazed! I never knew that I could know so much about my own body, AND, in addition, through the charting process, determine where I was at any given point in my cycle. I, once again, could not understand why OB-GYN doctors were not giving this information to their patients. I started charting right away and started the blood work Dr. Hilgers had ordered. I had ultrasounds performed, as he requested, and I had the laparoscopic surgery.

When we went for our initial consultation with Dr. Hilgers, I told him I didn’t know if we needed to be talking with him, because we believed that if God wanted us to have children He would give them to us, one way or another. He replied, ‘If you have a clogged sink, are you just going to pray about it and hope it starts working, or are you also going to call a plumber?’ Dr. Hilgers explained that he is not playing God; he is just being used to bring about God’s plan. We know Dr. Hilgers does not have all the answers and he is not the one who produces life; but we also believe that God has given him wisdom on certain issues that is meant to be shared. Our hope and prayer is that the information and research to which Dr. Hilgers has devoted his life’s work will be made available to al women through their doctors. We want women to know there are other options available! We wish we had known about the Institute’s research sooner, but the important thing is that we know it now and can pass it along to others, which we do every chance we get!”

“I never dreamed my husband and I would be infertile. We were an active, healthy couple and decided to start a family two years into our happy marriage. It should be easy we thought…But after a year, we had not created a new life, so we sought help from our family doctor. …During the process, we found it very difficult to discuss our infertility with others. The disease was very silent, yet very painful and emotionally draining. …If only more couples were aware of NaProTechnology! In our past experience many specialists…were unconcerned about curing our disease, but only with the end results leading, or should I say pushing us toward “making a baby” in a test tube.

[My husband and I] knew in our heart that the time spent at the [Pope Paul VI] Institute had been very successful and was a door we were meant to enter. We had a diagnosis and solutions to cure our disease. …We have not conceived a child yet, but we have not completely given up hope for more babies. We could at any time, resume treatment or adopt additional children. Some people may question whether or not we were really healed. But I can tell you with all my heart, ‘YES we were.’

There are many kinds of healings, some physical, emotional, or spiritual. Our time at the Pope Paul VI Institute, now almost four years ago, resulted in all three. We were given excellent medical care as well as love, respect, and hope in a pro-life, Christian environment. What more could we have needed? Dr. Hilgers and his staff are wonderful, caring people and what they are doing for women and couples trying to conceive is amazing! The statistics prove it. …[W]e know that we were made stronger by our infertility, an unexpected blessing.”

“Couples who use the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, which is the foundation for the women’s health science of NaProTechnology, learn to interact sexually using SPICE—spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative/communicative, emotional interaction. This SPICE approach is a multidimensional way for spouses to sexually relate to each other. The communication and freedom encouraged by this system foster positive, healthy and respectful attitudes towards the body and fertility within a family. For example, one woman wrote in our book Women Healed, “We began to realize the impact [the Creighton Model System] had on our marriage. We were a happy couple, we could communicate and as we have always said, if you can talk about mucus, you can talk about anything.” Another woman shared this with us in our book Women Healed, “I only have one regret, and that is that we did not enter into our marriage with the Creighton Model. All because we, together, did not make an education decision.

We came seeking this method hoping to find a means that would allow us to effectively and safely plan our family, but what we got was so much more As a part of the FertilityCare System, we learned about SPICE (spiritual, physical, intellectual, creative/communicative, and emotional) and how all five aspects of SPICE makes up our true marital sexuality. This is the true gift of the [Creighton Model System].”